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Safety & Maintenance

All vehicles that are still under Manufacturers Warrenty are serviced by the Agents.

All other vehicles are serviced in house. The workshop is managed by qualified technicians. Vehicles are checked on a regular basis and combined with their daily inspections to try and keep all vehicles as safe and reliable as possible. We only use the best products/parts as prescribed by the agents to service our vehicles. Vehicles are also fitted with “cartrack” monitors to monitor drivers and vehicles speeding or braking, ect. Thus drivers know that they are monitored. Drivers and staff are being sent for first aid and fire fighting aid courses and we are proud of all the staff that has qualified.

All vehicles are tested every 6 months as prescribed by the Road Ordinance Law.

Helpful hints on choosing the right service provider.

1. Use a company with the necessary expertise and be sure the company you choose meets all the requirements and safety needs.

Grunbus - Our company has a 25 year experience in bus hire and shuttle service.

2. Make sure the company you choose has adequate passenger liability insurance.

Grunbus - We have passenger liability cover of 1 million rand per passenger and comprehensive insurance.

3. By law not all buses are required to have safety belts.

Grunbus - All our vehicles are fitted with safety belts for passenger safety.

4. By law all passenger buses must have a valid licence an operators disc and road transport permit.

Grunbus - All our buses have valid licence's, operating discs and road transport permit.
            - All our buses undergo a COF (Certificate Of Fitness) every 6 months at a registered road worthy centre.

5. By law all drivers conveying passengers must be in possession of a valid drivers license and PrDP (Professional Drivers Permit)

Grunbus - All our drivers have valid licenses and PrDP’s copies and proof is kept at head office and available at any time.

Safe traveling guidelines.

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